Power Moves: Taylor Swift Readies Next ‘Lover’ Single

Taylor Swift’s next release off Lover is “The Man.”

A nasty (but legal) dispute between Swift, Scooter Braun & Big Label boss Scott Borchetta continues to burn, and the controversy is about to be splashed with gasoline. Swift is fighting fire with fire after Braun purchased her masters from Big Label without her consent.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so Scooter and Scott should be scared. Swift has relentlessly reminded the public of their perceived wrongdoing, re-recorded her old material, and plans to release a single about women living in a man’s world. Hits Daily Double claims it impacts radio beginning next week.

Swift performed the song at the AMAs.

There’s buzz the music video will feature the women Swift listed in her Billboard’s Woman of the Decade acceptance speech, which included Camila Cabello, Halsey, HER, Lizzo, Tayla Parx and many more. See that video below.

Moreover, Apple Music added “The Man” to the top of their A-List Pop playlist – Apple tends to include songs that get the single treatment. It’s no confirmation, but where there’s smoke…

Do YOU want “The Man” as the next single off Lover? Let us know what you think in the comments! Register an account in 30 seconds and use your voice!

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    1. Ah you reminded me… I updated the post with this Tweet I saw. They think she’ll include all the women she listed in her Billboard’s Woman of the Decade acceptance speech.

      1. ugh she’s so annoying….. And I bet she’ll give looks at the camera like a teenager from TikTok every five seconds…

    1. Afterglow deserves to be the next single! The Man is not as good IMO but clearly it fits her perfectly given her situation and we know Taylor is not going to let this pass without milking the $$$

  1. Well, finally. It took her forever to move on from ‘Lover’. 🙄 I told myself I know this era tanked but I don’t care, like, I just want a new music video. And I got all excited until I read the part where there’ll be other women who will join the Taylor Swift hate parade… eeckk. I miss angry Taylor and her wrath but, like, just her and no one else. 💁🏻‍♀️

  2. This album was life changing for me, so, Idc, I love Lover in all its incantations, the SNL performance broke me down- this is definitely a Bold choice considering what’s going on right now but I’d love to see Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince instead. Give the people what the want with Afterglow? .. it’s never just a video release with TS, theres a bit to it – which keeps me going back to it.

    1. People want Afterglow as the next single? That’s a terrible choice and it would be a flop! lol (And I like the song). On the other hand, I also want Miss Americana as a single, it’s one of the best songs of the album.

  3. I mean, like YNTCD, it would be a more entertaining video than her slower jams, but it doesn’t highlight the mood of Lover. If she can act as sexy as she sounds in False God, I think that’d make an interesting video. Tho was kinda disappointed in her snl performance of it.

  4. “Braun purchased her masters from Big Label without her consent.” > That’s not what I understood. I understood that Taylor was offered to buy her own music but she did not agree with the price and conditions, so then her masters were sold to Scooter at the first chance, prioritising business over morals (SHE is the legitimate owner, she wrote that shit, so she should have the last word, period). The explanation is slightly longer, but definitely more accurate.

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” > I know that’s a very common phrase, but MISOGYNY ALERT.