Demi Lovato’s New Album Will Touch On Her Overdose, Rehab And Sobriety

Her Stripped is coming.

New details surrounding Demi Lovato’s forthcoming album have emerged.

According to a new report from TMZ, expect the album to arrive in the first half of 2020. They claim Demi will sing about her uphill battle with sobriety, including the 2018 overdose and her stay at a rehab facility. It’s reportedly still in the recording stages. TMZ didn’t mention this, but there’s buzz it’s titled Survivor.

There are several rumors floating around about Lovato’s lead single. It could be titled “Still Got Me.” A portion of the alleged track leaked onto the Internet this past summer, but copyright agents swiftly removed any trace of it. According to the takedown, the track is co-written by Chloe Angelides. Angelides co-wrote a handful of Tell Me You Love Me tracks, including “Ruin The Friendship” and “Cry Baby.”

There’s a separate rumor she’ll release a song co-created with Eyelar. Eyelar co-wrote songs for Little Mix, Charli XCX (“After the Afterparty”) and Yellow Claw.

Lovato will perform her new single at the upcoming GRAMMYs.

She’s also performing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in February.

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    1. El oh el. You’re a savage.

      Also, how is it her “stripped”? Christina never sang about drugs, rehab, or overdosing.

      1. Did i lie? 😂 Also I can’t with these new pop girls always citing STRIPPED as their inspiration and then come up with an album that is absolutely nothing like it. Like, when Selena called REVIVAL her STRIPPED. Just because she was naked in the cover doesn’t mean… i’m so tired. 😪

  1. You mean her “Recovery”. Greatest hits album: “Relapse” (deluxe edition: “Overdose”). The remix compilation: “Rehab”.
    Seriously she needs to break the cycle, I hope she gets better soon. For real.

  2. Well duh…I just hope she doesn’t dwell on her OD, rehab and staying sober. Whats her next chapter? In my opinion…This is her make or break moment & album. The new up and coming pop gals are rising.