Camila Cabello’s ‘Romance’ Tour Reportedly Sold Just 50% Of Tickets Thus Far

My oh my.

Camila Cabello’s Romance era is off to a rocky start.

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Adding insult to injury is the arena tour, which kicks off in Oslo, Norway, on May 26, 2020.

Hits Daily Double posted a not-so-blind item about it and claims her forthcoming tour sales aren’t stellar.

“Today we hear the tale of the prospective superstar diva who’s had a couple of massive hits but has discovered to her dismay—and that of her team—that her new tour is in deep trouble. Said superstar in waiting has achieved social-network ubiquity and does every TV opp, every radio show, every chance to be in the public eye—if her team had its way, one manager quipped, she’d be at  every envelope opening.”

Ticket sales are just over 50% sold, according to stats posted by @TouringData on Twitter.

Ouch. Camila is talented, but the industry shoved her down our throats (fight me). They embarked on an arena tour far too soon; the numbers don’t lie.

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  1. I knew something was up! I saw her on Ellen and they gave away tickets to the entire audience. I thought “aww that’s so nice” and theeen I saw her on Fallon and she gave tickets to the audience again and that got me thinking… 🤔

  2. I mean let’s not get our pants twisted, it’s not like her career is over, calm down… It’s just a bump on the road. Camila wants to be a star waaay too much to think this will stop her. Let’s just be patient, she’s talented and hardworking, she’ll figure it out. You Americans and cancel culture… * rolls eyes *

  3. Speaking of low ticket sales, our girl Mandy Moore is in trouble. Her ticket sales look real bad. I mean, I love her and I’m excited to see her but there are some crazy high ($200 price point) tickets for the first few rows and she hasn’t even put an album out in 10 years.

    So, Jordan, you’re going to need to travel to support her. She NEEDS you. Come to Nashville and I’ll buy you and your boo a drink and we can all go line dancing. Yee haw.

  4. I like her music but honestly she’s not popular enough for a big venue tour at this point. She should have either co headlined with another artist or did a small venue tour.

  5. The Tour was announced . . . on November 13. A month and a bit ago with over five months until it even starts. Do you care about context at all?

  6. she totally has been foisted upon us. just do smaller, more intimate venues…they could even market it for the album, as if it’s more ‘romantic’ vibes with smaller shows.