Camila Cabello Reportedly Releasing A Remix Of “My Oh My” With Joy of Red Velvet

K-Pop infiltrates Romance.

Camila Cabello’s new song “My Oh My” might be the best contender at a last-ditch effort of cracking the Hot 100 with her latest album.

Amidst concerns “My Oh My” sounds exactly like Pochi Marambio and Tierra Sur‘s “Llaman a la Puerta,” Cabello is reportedly readying a remix featuring South Korean pop star Joy from K-pop group Red Velvet.

The timing is also a bit iffy considering Cabello recently apologized for racist posts she made on Tumblr pre-Fifth Harmony fame. It included digs at Asian people.

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    1. Oh sweetie, no. 😊 It’s a journalists job to report everything. It’s not the writer’s fault if Camila is in hot water a lot now a days. He is just the bearer of all news – bad or good. Let’s start the year and decade right with a lot of positivity, ok? ☺ Don’t be throwing shade. ❤


        1. There is for sure a big number of articles about Camila on this website, mainly reporting negative things… possibly because people/fans in general tend to criticise/defend the artist which creates engagement and this is good for the website… just a theory

          1. Of course it is. This website’s bias is pretty clear.