Step On Our Necks! Billie Eilish Is Performing At The Oscars

Billie Eilish’s Oscars campaign begins.

Eilish just swept the four major categories at the Grammys, only the second person ever to do so (and the youngest ever). But her reign isn’t letting up.

Eilish, who’s singing the next James Bond theme song, will perform at the Oscars. Many believe this could be a step towards winning an Oscar at the awards show in 2021 when her song is eligible for a nomination.

The Oscars take place February 7th. Are YOU tuning in?

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  1. Ugh I hate this cycle… New artist, huge sales and views and streams, instant fame, cricial acclaim, a bazillion accolades… and then what? Cancel culture, and let’s go with another new artist, huge sales…

    1. Lol! Those were my thoughts exactly! I think the thing with it though is that the brand gets tiring. You’re different enough to stand out from regular pop music but you’re too different to stick around.
      I think lyrically, that’s what’s been awarded – it’s so refreshingly true and honest but Ideas will run out. Vocally she’s an average joe- she’s not a vocalist, that’s how we all sound when try to sing correctly.