Selena Gomez Says She Rehearsed Three Weeks For AMAs Performance: “I’m Sorry That I Let You Down”

Selena Gomez responds to her AMAs backlash.

I won’t sugarcoat this: Selena’s opening number at the AMAs was hard to watch. The Internet criticized her for lacking energy and enthusiasm throughout her performances of “Lose You To Love Me” and “Look At Her Now.” There’s also video of Selena stumbling around the red carpet beforehand. I’ll let you connect the dots.

Gomez is owning it. She says she rehearsed for three weeks leading up to the big day, then apologized if she let her fans down.

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“I rehearsed every day for 3 weeks. To be honest, I didn’t feel ready or confident enough,” she said.

“Everyone had so many expectations on me and i’m sorry that i let you down. I really tried, but it got out of control. I’m sorry.”

At least she didn’t defend it?

Britney Spears faced a wave of hate following her 2007 VMAs performance. She said sometimes you have good performances, and sometimes… not so good performances.

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  1. I LOVE Selena, she’s one of my faves, but you know what? I’m getting tired of artists half-assing or whining about this or that. Actually, that’s what separates true stars from talented but ordinary people. I do not accept those apologies. You either have what it takes to be a full popstar, or you don’t.
    Oh and Britney’s 2007 VMA disaster wasn’t a “bad performance.” She was drugged and in a terrible mental estate, with consequences that she’s still paying, so that’s a completely different thing.

    1. To be fair we don’t know if Selena is struggling as well. I hope people don’t take that Britney comparison in the article as shade. She also got hate for her performance but had some interesting insight about it after-the-fact. Wanted to highlight that. 🙏 

      1. Selena is definitely struggling, she says it all the time. That was exactly my point. Change careers then. It’s like Zayn, unable to perform solo wtf. But they sell themselves or are sold as the best in the game. Meanwhile, there are the Britneys (I’m sorry, THE Britney), Janets, Beyoncés, Adeles, etc of the world doing this as if being performers is the reason why they were born. I don’t care if they make mistakes or have down moments, of course they do and will, but you can tell whether that wasn’t a good time or if they simply lack something that they should have to be on a stage.
        These little kids either start getting their acts together or I’mma start labelling them as A-list or B-list celebrities.

  2. I feel for her. I wouldn’t want to perform if I was a music artist, I’d just want to make music. I’d be terrified performing there, but as the other commenter pointed out, you need to be prepared for something like this, though, if you’re going to take it on. However, everyone makes mistakes and has a bad performance, like Britney said. Selena never seems that healthy to me either mentally or physically. I know she’s had her medical problems, and she always just seems down and closed-off to me. I’m rooting for her though.

  3. It’s also worth mentioning that when she was promoting ‘Lose You To Love Me’, didn’t she say she’s in a very good place now and she feels empowered and confident and loving herself and comfortable in her own skin and bla bla bla – and yet here we are with the poor-me card saying “I didn’t feel ready or confident enough”. It just seems all so fake now. I mean, I never bought it – not for one bit. But now it’s annoying cause she talked about her “revival” then and it’s been 4 years and she’s still singing about Justin and she says she needed LYTLM to be released as the first single cause the chapter is closing and now she’s like mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-look at her now. Everyone bought into the fantasy that she is that b1tch and how she “ate that” – because that is what we want to see from our popstars but i don’t like it when it’s forced and fake. Yeah sure peak Britney is actually a shy girl but she genuinely loves performing then. She wanted to own every stage she was in. So the shy/insecure card was never an option for her. Selena, girl. Maybe next era. I honestly don’t know how many more revivals is she gonna do – that narrative is getting kinda lame now.

  4. I kinda dug the performance- she seemed vulnerable, which I have to give credit for.
    I dont think she should apologize, but if she wants to get into it..
    Like it’s been said- you cant compare Anything to Brintey’s VMA 2007 because we know she was in so much pain and they just pumped her full of drugs, and said you look fine, go do your tricks. Shoulda never done to her.
    Lady Gaga, for me- always gives more in her performances than I think is humanly possible. I think she’s live (or fooling me) and it’s so creative. There are a lot of acts out today, I dont give the time of day to because they really just market how cool.they are and aren’t really creative, aren’t artists. Theres no story.

    I think the problem is a lot of.these kids are great at getting themselves famous and singing a song or 2 but dont know shit about getting on a stage to sell a number – nevermind cooking up something that people will talk about and rememeber. You have to take risks and you have to put the work in, or like- there are thousands of Broadway performance who can perform Circles around you because no one cares who they are but all they do is work on their skills. You have an opportunity and you throw it away because you’re too busy picking out your outfit and promoting yourself. We already know you.
    Like- what do you do all do?

  5. Let’s stop giving this girl passes and excuses. I dig the new music and like her but she was drunk. She was stumbling and falling every where before her performance. Panic attack smh…right Selena. She needs to get help.