Madonna Gets Shamed For Hanging Out With 25-Year-Old Backup Dancer

You mad?

Madonna made the cover of the New York Post for hanging out in Miami with a 25-year-old backup dancer named Ahlamalik Williams. The headline reads: “MADONNA AND CHILD.”

According to the Googles, The Madonna and Child or The Virgin and Child is often the name of a work of art which shows the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus. To celebrate Madonna’s swag at 61-years-young, we put together a list of other iconic Madonna and Child works. When will your favs?

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  1. Is he hot? Why is there no photo of this guy? But anyway, cause she’s a woman. But if it were the other way around, people would be okay with it. 🙄

  2. That’s so stupid, let her date whoever she wants, it’s not like she captures these guys, they willingly participate. And yeah, it’s gender discrimination.
    What I won’t let pass is her absurd, juvenile behaviour as of lately. And I don’t mean her dating younger guys, I mean acting herself like a little girl. One thing is being a “rebel heart” and having this young, fighting spirit, and another one is playing a stupid character who is constantly complaining and acting a fool and being a mess. I mean just watch her Insta, it’s disastrous.

  3. That headline is super sexist. Are people just jealous? If I was older and hot 20 somethings wanted to sleep with me, I’d do it! We’re trained by the media to think youth=beauty anyways. If she’s dating him, that’s a bit more weird. What do they have in common? Buuuut to each their own!