Dua Lipa Is A Female Alpha On “Future Nostalgia”

An instant hit.

Dua Lipa’s new song “Future Nostalgia,” the second release off her forthcoming album of the same name, is incredible.

Injected with ’80s synths and robotized voices, Dua shines on the glimmering glitch mid-tempo party anthem. On it, she sings about the electricity of her pop star persona.

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“No matter what you do I’m gonna get it without ya,” she boasts over a pulsating beat cooked up by producer Jeff Bhasker. “I know you’re not used to a female alpha.”

As the kids would say, issa bop.

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  1. I love the attitude she’s serving here! 🔥 I love that it’s also “funky” but it’s not pop enough for me tho. I wasn’t living.

      1. Haha! It’s not… gay enough for me. I wanted more oomph. ‘Don’t Start Now’ gets me into that America’s Next Top Model catwalk-ing around my room when I listen to it. This one didn’t. 😂

  2. “incredible”? Really?! To me this is incredibly lackluster… I cannot believe she chose this as a single. I mean “Don’t Start Now” was definitely a grower for me, but at least I could recognize that thumping bass right away so I knew I liked it, but this…? What is there special in it? I even had to up the volume like ten times because I can’t hear anything remotely remarkable in it. Please let me be wrong, I’m actually excited for this era, she started with the right foot and great energy and unbeatable outfits.