Normani Stans Hijack Camila Cabello’s #AskCamila Campaign On Twitter

Fans flame the feud.

Normani participated in an interview with Fader. In it, they asked whether she and her fellow Fifth Harmony bandmates knew that Camila Cabello planned on leaving the group. Normani said she’d rather not talk about it, then gave an update on their, um, friendship.

“We’re all on good terms,” she said. “Conversations have obviously been had. I spoke to her at the Billboard Music Awards. I saw her again at the VMAs, and no bad blood at all.”

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Cut to today. Camila released her new album, Romance, and participated in a Twitter Q&A with fans. Users could ask CC a question with the hashtag #AskCamila, but it quickly turned sour.

Normani stans accused Camila of calling the “Motivation” singer the N-word. The myth comes from fake direct messages supposedly from Camila, though they’re falsified. Still, stan Twitter hates logic, and the lashings began.

Give Romance a spin, then thumb through a few of the many messages flung onto the worldwide web.

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  1. Ewww these kids are terrible….. Music is supposed to bring people together and, you know, HAVE FUN. What awful adults they’ll soon turn into… 🙁

  2. I think it’s really irresponsible to push this narrative that these people saying these things are normani stans. Those are just regular black people who may not like Camila or are curious about the possibility of someone being racist. Actual normani stans won’t flood her tags to make her look bad. I’d delete this wack article.

  3. I didn’t see any Normani stans participating in this. Even in the examples you have shown those aren’t Normani stans. Those were regular people. Stop pushing this toxic narrative that it was that fandom that started it.

  4. The way the Camila stan writer of this post freely lies like there rest of her hateful stans do. The hack and leak of those conversations were 100% real. See this: “The way that Camilizers stay trying to convince people the screenshots of conversations with different people, videos, never before seen pictures, music, etc were “fake” because it showed Camila’s true colors behind their backs is still a riot. Anyone who was there from the beginning and saw it all as it happened knows it’s 100% real.
    The Camilizers think people are stupid. Literally what they do is link tweets from random troll accounts who had nothing to do with the hacking group and leaks saying “lolz it was fake I was the one who faked it ahhah”. B- please. They also say Camila’s Facebook account back then was Karla so it’s fake when the truth is her personal Facebook account used Karla and when she audition for X Factor she started used Camila Cabello permanently. A couple of people even corroborated this online back then when that stuff leaked.
    And Dinah was also hacked. An underaged half-nude pic of her was leaked but taken down immediately by the hacking group because they got legal threats from the girls’ teams, which they had posted. The hacks included never before seen pictures and music and private conversations that Camila had even jokingly referenced on her Twitter. Those Guzman sisters who are friends of hers and also used the n word used it not only on Facebook but also on Twitter multiple times in conversation with Camila and about others (including artists). They also used the n word with the hard r, like Camila .
    Camila not only used the n word freely, as we know not just from the hack but also from her old 1D stan account, the leaks also showed her saying she wanted to punch Ally in the face, was jealous of Lauren, had a psychotic obsession with Harry Styles that Ally saying she found him cute made her want to punch her more.
    And the fact that many of those comments from her that were exposed in that big leak were from the group’s first early era together showed she’s been a narcissistic opportunist with a victim complex from the beginning. The backstabbing and deserting later didn’t surprise anyone paying attention.”

  5. This article was biased and extremely hate driven. Clearly your aren’t a ethical journalist. YOUR career should be over just like Camila. And that’s based on a positive future of her and your nonexistence.

  6. Camila stans (like this writer) are the mean girls who act like victims. We aren’t being dramatic, no one asked her to be racist. She Just Is.