Watch Camila Cabello Squirm When Answering Why She Passed On Releasing “God Is A Woman”

Camila Cabello recorded a demo of “God Is A Woman,” but ultimately passed it onto Ariana Grande.

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Ariana Grande singing “God Is A Woman,” but it that was almost the case. Camila Cabello wrote lyrics and recorded a demo of it, but decided it wasn’t a good fit.

A short demo of Camila’s version leaked onto the Internet last year. She was asked about it in an interview with Andy Cohen.

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“They had the chorus for the song and then I wrote verses for it. It just didn’t end up sounding right for me,” she said. “Then they… wrote… to… her… I mean she and everybody wrote to her version and [it] sounded amazing.”

Camila chose her words wisely. It came off like she accidentally exposed Ariana for not writing her own music.

She picked up some sense of normalcy in the interview when discussing her friendship with Ariana and wanting to collaborate together.

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  1. THE PHOTO! 😂

    Well, atleast she tried to save it. That tells us she doesn’t feel entitled that she had first dibs on the song. And for that I’m giving “Romance” another spin later.