Can You Fill In These Britney Blanks?

It’s blankney, bitch.

BreatheHeavy Community members are competing to win a first-edition Blackout vinyl.

*Guests, you MUST be a registered member of the BreatheHeavy Community to earn the entry. Register an account in 30 seconds!

Fill in the blanks.

Once you complete the game below, youโ€™ll earn an additional entry for the Blackout vinyl. You can view your entries tally on the Sweepstakes page.

Whoโ€™s gonna win? Post your scores in the comments. Good luck!

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  1. The Test is not accurate, it give as wrong answer if yu type blackout instead of Blackout, everytime instead of Everytime….
    Didn’t like it

  2. FINALLY!!! Gawd i hate this game! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I think it was still being tweaked while I was doing the quiz.

  3. hah, I love these games! <3
    But it's "…Baby One More Time" with "…" at the beginning. I'm a grammar nazi so THE CLOCK IS TICKING, JORDAN.

    1. Omg lmao. Wow I did clownery and the clown came back to bite.

      Ok so I added in the ellipsis a viable option as well. I didn’t realize the intensity of this game.

  4. It’s still not accurate. It’s “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club” and first single is “…Baby One More Time” with the ellipsis.

  5. Wasn’t Britney born in McComb, MS? Wasn’t sure if you were trying to talk about “Ruthless” cause I didn’t know if MMC could be considered a “lead role” when there were like 2,000 babies on that show.

    1. Ooh you’re right… She was born (as in, GOT OUT OF LYNNE’S VAGINA —–wait, or was it by c-section OMG WE KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HER) in McComb, because that’s the bigger place with a nicer hospital, or actually with one, at least at the time. So Lynne went to have her there. Or at least that’s what I understood. So Lynne had her there and then went back to Kentwood where they all actually lived most of their lives or where they grew up. AM I RIGHT?

        1. Ruthless is the show she did with Natalie Portman when they were both babies. Britney was the understudy so, I guess, MMC is the BETTER answer.

  6. cant believe i answered ruthless instead of MMC and Jason Alexander instead of K-fed. Wow. Never been so disappointed in myself tbh.