Sweepstakes! The BreatheHeavy Community Launches New Exhale Forums And Artist Groups

It’s Britney’s birthday month, bitch!

December 2nd is the princess of pop’s 38th birthday, and we want to celebrate with you. 

Britney has undoubtedly inspired millions of people through her iconic catalogue of music and humbling personality. She is a living legend, and we at BreatheHeavy are so grateful for her.

The next evolution of BreatheHeavy arrives.

Jordan Miller here, owner and editor-in-chief of BreatheHeavy.com since 2004. I want to personally give you the scoop on exciting changes with BreatheHeavy that are now live.

For years, I thought people visited BreatheHeavy because of the content, but in 2019 I’ve seen the light! It’s the community that keeps BreatheHeavy thriving.

We launched a new community that features Artist Groups. Right now, those include Groups for Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and a few of our other pop faves. There are also Groups for Music News, Songs and Music Videos.

See them all here.

If there isn’t already a Group created for an artist, members (you, yes YOU!) for the time being have the power to create it and become that Group’s leader.


To celebrate Britney’s birthday month, we’ve launched our new Exhale Forums and Artist Groups AND are hosting a special sweepstakes between December 2nd – December 31st.


There are three different prizes available and three ways to enter:

  1. ‘Blackout’ vinyl, first-edition print
  2. ‘Circus’ vinyl, first-edition print
  3. $120 gift card to spend on never-before-seen merchandise at the Britney Spears: The Zone’s forthcoming online web store


This sweepstakes is for registered members of the BreatheHeavy Community only!

To receive entries for all three prizes right away simply:

  • Register and Activate your account (you’ll receive an activation link in your email inbox)
  • Log in

(Current BreatheHeavy Community members have already received entries!)

Perform the actions below between now and December 31st to earn entries for these prizes. The more actions you complete throughout the month, the more likely you’ll win!

Keep checking back daily! We’re adding new opportunities throughout the month.

[gamipress_points_types type=”blackout-vinyl” columns=”1″ thumbnail=”yes” awards=”yes” deducts=”yes” toggle=”yes” layout=”left” wpms=”no”]

[gamipress_points_types type=”circus-vinyl” columns=”1″ thumbnail=”yes” awards=”yes” deducts=”yes” toggle=”yes” layout=”left” wpms=”no”]

[gamipress_points_types type=”the-zone” columns=”1″ thumbnail=”yes” awards=”yes” deducts=”yes” toggle=”yes” layout=”left” wpms=”no”]

BONUS: Earn the Britney Spears Birthday badge!

Registered members who login to the BreatheHeavy Community on Britney’s birthday (December 2) will earn the Britney Spears Birthday badge which is worth 1 ‘Circus’ vinyl entry. Once earned, the badge will display in the ‘Badges’ section of your profile! More badge opportunities to come…

[gamipress_achievements type=”all” filter=”no” search=”no”]


We’ll tally up members’ entries for each prize and randomly select winners on January 3rd, 2020. Winners will be notified by email and direct message via the BreatheHeavy Community.

Members may see their own entries tally on the sweepstakes page.


The BreatheHeavy Community has tons of new features, like the Community Activity Feed, the Shop, Artist Groups, the re-launched Exhale Forums and much more! We’d like to catch you up to speed:

Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question? Post a Discussion in the Help Forum.

Good luck!

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  1. “Purchase a product from the BreatheHeavy Community Shop” to be able to participate for the Blackout vinyl? Did I get that right? I might as well have purchased the vinyl itself when it was available… But I didn’t because I’m broke and from Argentina thank you very much.

  2. Why would anyone want to buy anything from your merch shop just for a “chance” to “win” this Blackout vinyl which you got for free and you are now trying to get us to buy it and ending up not even ‘winning’? Nice scam! Did you think we were born yesterday Jordan?

    Anyways guys, whoever is interested for that Blackout Vinyl, you can actually buy it from here:

  3. So, who do I have to sleep with to get into this Blackout group, though? Can I send someone in my place to get me in? I’m Christian and waiting till marriage, y’all.

  4. I would DIE to win one of those vinyls. It’ll be my first ever. 😭 Here’s to hoping. all the luck in the world hasn’t ran out on me yet.🌟💖