Taylor Swift Releases A First Dance Remix Of “Lover”: Listen

Do you and your honey need a song to slow dance to on the big day? Taylor Swift has got you covered.

Swift is using the momentum from her epic night at the American Music Awards to push her album title track, “Lover,” to the top of the charts.

There’s a First Dance remix now available to stream. It features sweeping orchestral sounds, an updated piano melody and more drama.

You have to respect Swift’s hustle to get the song to No. 1. “Lover” peaked at No. 10 before taking a tumble.

“I was sitting up at the piano up in my loft, and I had the chorus. It just kind of happened immediately,” Swift told Rolling Stone of the song’s creation process.

“It was one of those ones that I wrote very very, very quickly. And I was working out the cadence of the first verse and it just sort of fell together. But then I took some time to write the bridge because I wanted to really level up with that bridge. That one would for me would be less of a ranting bridge and more of a story-time fable type bridge.”

She adds: “Sometimes I like to imagine a bridge as like a sort of fairy-tale lullaby fable expanding upon a song that has been not as detailed until that point. ‘Can I go where you go/ Can we always be this close forever and ever’ is less detail then when you go to the bridge and you realize like, oh, it just got really personal in the bridge. It expands on it all.”

Listen to it below, then let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I honestly think this remix is ten times better than the original. I always thought the music in the original sounded too harsh with those drums, and the echo kind of tires me… But the remix sounds sweeter and it gives more attention to the melody. Love the piano too!

  2. This is a dance remix? Slow dance remix? Didn’t know they made those ones. Who’s the DJ? I can see this topping the dance charts all over the world!

  3. I love this song so much. And I love Taylor. And this song deserves to do better in the charts. But the desperation is real. I’m pretty sure it’s done about as good as it’s gonna do at this point. I think her best bet would be performing it at a country awards so and doing a more country sounding mix, I think that’s the market this song might appeal to more to get it to go up the charts. Maybe add some male country artist to it. If Shawn Menes didn’t do much to help… I’m not sure what will