Madonna Booed At Vegas ‘Madame X’ Show For Being Late, Concert-Goers Reportedly Chant “Refund”

Madame X is… late.

Florals? In spring? Groundbreaking. Madonna? Causing controversy? You get the idea…

The Queen of Pop’s Madame X tour is plagued with problems. Injuries, cancellations, postponements, no cell phones allowed and a moved start time are leaving a bad taste in fans’ mouths. Things continue to take a turn.

The latest mishap happened at Madonna’s show in Las Vegas at the Colosseum inside Caesars Palace.

Despite permanently moving the show from its original 8:30 pm time slot to 10:30 pm, M didn’t take the stage for another hour and a half – just after midnight. Some people in attendance were annoyed, so it didn’t help that Madonna ribs the audience by essentially calling them poor, cursing up a storm and explaining her political views. It reportedly resulted in boos and chants for refunds.


You go to see the Queen, you’re on her terms. See what people are saying below, then leave a comment.

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  1. What a huge disappointment!! This was third time would have never driven to sign up for this had we have known it would be so different from her last tours! Extremely rude to the fans who put you where you are! Ridiculous to move time to 10:30 to begin with let alone sit in silence without any entertainment for an hour and a half waiting for a “ queen as she said is never late” show didn’t start till after midnight! Bored and anxious arrogant obviously forgot her roots and where she came from! People yelling this better be her best show gets worse downhill from there! Such a bombardment of politics a little is fine but being shoved down your throat we come to get entertainment to get away from negativity! So depressing! Then she thought she was Jennifer Lopez because she moved to Portugal now forgets her songs that made her she hates the rest of us! Same as when she thought she was British when she lived in England! She took our phones to supposedly connect with her audience however she had audacity to ask us when she’s a multi millionaire to pay for her pics!! She said she wanted us to bring stacks of money if you do that why not donate it and tell us your donation going to help children or a great cause not your kids future!! Disgusting!! You lost your mind and have no idea of what being humble is!!! How dare you who do you really think you are!

  2. Caesar’s Palace Show was a royal disappointment. The time change and then the 1-1/2 hour delay put us all in a bad mood to begin with. Then the profanity and “suck it up” attitude by M was too much. We walked out after first set. I guess they were used to it because there was a steady stream of people leaving when we were and ushers were there saying they need to scan our ticket stubs if we want a refund. Caesars had comped us but the ticket price showed $562.45 each?!?! Never should have left the poker tables for this big waste of time.

  3. I doubt she cares haha. Anyway, her recent album…wasn’t good. I listened to it once and oddly enough I was flying back from Vegas 😂

  4. Honestly, Madonna has been getting more and more pretentious the last couple of eras. It’s really frustrating. At this point, I’d rather here she retired than watch a Legend fall.

    There’s no excuse for an artist EVER to flippantly show up 1.5 hours late to their show. Let alone for that show to be billed as a concert and then be turned into a soap box. It’s tacky, lame, and gross for the fans that have taken their money and time to watch.

    Then to call them poor and insult them as a political ploy…… does Madonna want people to just stop giving a shit?

  5. Ironic how people call out Madonna for her entitlement, but yet these same people are expressing their own entitlement.
    Get over it.
    But I’ve also seen this show twice…I’m not bias…nope.

  6. The level of delusion her die hard fans have in them to defend her shitty  behaviour is laughable… I love her, and she IS a legend, but can we stop this  “but they’re queen, they do what they want” shit to excuse unprofessional behaviour??? If you tried that stunt at you’re 9-5 job you’d be fired lmao. Celebrities aren’t above the simpletons. 

    No matter the legacy or how much money you have in the bank. Decent humility and professionalism in any career path is a wonderful trait. This only shows how out of touch with reality she is, and yet here she is trying to preach how we have to “spread love” yawn… 

  7. This was a terrible experience!! Madonna disrespects her loyal fans with her actions and lack of performance. For those of you who do not have time to read my entire review, I will only tell you not to waste your time or money on Madonna’s tour. Save your money for an actual show. This was ridiculous.

    The original show time was scheduled for 8:30pm. At some point along the way, Madonna changed the time to 10:30pm. I called the Caesar’s box office to confirm a start time. They said the doors will open at 8pm. When Madonna feels like coming out to start the show, it will begin. There was no way of knowing what the exact start time would be. They recommended showing up between 8pm – 8:30pm so we would not miss the start.
    We arrived shortly before 8:30pm as suggested. There were hundreds of people outside the doors and no sign of any progress. We waited in line. What was the delay? Madonna chose an option to ensure that no fans would have their phones available to them during the show. Every fan had to lock their phone inside a pouch so it could not be accessed until the show was over. I have never seen anything like this before.
    We entered the venue and found our seats. At about 9:30pm, quartet appeared on stage to play some musical renditions of her songs. We assumed this was to prep the crowd for her performance. Fans gave them the courtesy of some cheers and claps. They finished playing, which meant it won’t be long for Madonna to come out. We were getting excited. This was our first time to see a Madonna concert.
    The place was full of anxious fans expecting to see Madonna perform her popular music. Some of the fans traveled a long way just for this show. We came from Brazil. Others traveled from other parts of the world and obviously from other states.
    At 10:30pm, we were expecting Madonna to come out soon. The lights went off a few times and then they were turned on again. It was like a tease. We sat there for hours waiting for her to appear. People started chanting for a refund. There was booing. The time moved on to 11pm, 11:30pm, and still no Madonna. There was another couple next to us from Brazil that left before the show started. The couple to our left also decided to leave. Arguments commenced in the crowd between angry fans and loyal Madonna groupies. Lots of others left early as the time neared midnight. Finally, shortly after midnight, Madonna decided to come out on the stage. Her first music was something we never heard before. It was nothing popular or recognizable. This was the start of things to come.
    Her so-called concert became a talk show. Madonna talked for half of the time she was on the stage. When she decided to play some music, it was nothing anyone recognized. She sang in other languages, and at one point, she had another woman singing in her place. During one of her rants, she noticed that the fans were getting anxious. People were shouting at her to shut up and play her music. Her response was to say that she is performing her midnight show for us. We should relax, because a queen is never late. Seriously? Then she decided to take a selfie photo on stage and reminded us that we could not not do the same thing since our phones were being held hostage. She actually stood on the stage and auctioned off the selfie to the fans in the front section. She took $3K from a fan for her Polaroid selfie. It was not for a charity. It was for her own pocket.
    We thought about leaving when we realized she was not there to play any music.
    About 90 minutes into the show, she played a snippet of Papa Don’t Preach. We thought this would be the start of something, but it wasn’t. Then she sat down talking about about her vagina and having sex. It was incredible. She told us the shut up and open our eyes….. we do not have our phones so that she can look us in the eyes and we can be present for this fiasco.
    Madonna extended her freak show and conversation for almost 3 hours. At the end of the night, she finally played one of her hits. When the song was over, the curtain came down, and she disappeared. There was no encore. There was no mention of a thank you to the fans or a goodnight comment. She just left the stage, the curtain fell, and the Coliseum lights came on.
    I am possibly leaving out some details, but I think you can get the point of this review.