Fans Think Nicki Minaj Is Laughing At Lil Kim’s Tragic ‘9’ Album Sales Performance

Mrs. Petty strikes.

I won’t beat around the bush: Lil Kim’s new album, 9, underperformed. She reportedly sold less than a thousand physical copies in its first week. Even with streams accounted for, it not only failed to chart on the Billboard 200, but not one single song landed on the Billboard Hot 100 or the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart.

Numbers aren’t everything, but dayum.

@MediaCharts on Twitter posted the stats, and not long after Nicki Minaj Tweeted: “Btch I-” and “Ikyfl” (which means ‘I know you f–king lying’).

Fans immediately began to roast Kim in sub-Tweets.

Obviously we can’t confirm that Nicki’s Tweets are related to Lil Kim at all, but Nicki’s Twitter handle IS Mrs. Petty, so…

In 2018, Kim was asked about the beef with Nicki.

“God bless her, I wish her the best. I’m past that I’m over it,” she said. “She did what she did … until she’s ready, hopefully, God puts it on her mind to do the right thing because she knows what she did. Once that happens, hopefully, everyone will stop asking me [about Nicki].”

Do YOU think Nicki’s Tweets are a response to Kim’s album sales? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. LMAO. It’s amazing to see this. AAAAAAALLLLLLLL those DIE HARD Kim fans who do nothing but BASH Nicki and that’s how ya’ll do your so-called Queen of Rap? Bro…..that’s embarrassing LOL.

  2. Lil Kim’s career has been in the gutter for a long time. Her drastic changing look, her new auto tune voice, and the fact that she has got caught in crazy ass beefs, instead of actually making good music, leave a lot to be desired. All in all, it only shows her insecurities and how desperate she has become. I loved Lil Kim. But now it hurts me to look at her. Her album sales are lacking, not because of any beef she has with Nicki. It’s because she’s not making good music. She’s still running in the past. Get rid of the amateurs who are producing her music and trying to come up on her back. Get someone credible. Work on producing one hit first, and go from there. Her diehard fans that are enabling her, need to come forward with the truth. Because they are the ones throwing her to the wolves.

    1. Sad to say but this might end up in suicide her self hate oozes seeps and runs from her pores so sad..if I were a friend I’d keep a close eye on her cause that failure and the humiliation from media applying spotlight is gonna cut deep man..god bless her soul and find her comfort

  3. The problem is simple: everything she’s recorded in these last years is 98,5% auto-tune. It is absolutely ridiculous. It could be anyone. So how could she expect loyalty from her fans if she’s giving them a sound that doesn’t resemble her?

  4. Friends and family need to keep a close eye on her cause that failure and media spotlight on this so called failure are going to cut deep..and the self hate is already apparent…This hurts me idk why but I’m praying for Kim because I know this woman is going to feel like giving up on a lot more than music

  5. These numbers are not accurate and Kim posted herself saying how the album is doing well in other countries. People don’t even understand the music industry. First, Kim is not signed to a big major label. She’s more independent with her own label. When you are signed to a major label they do a lot of promotion and buying to help sell the artist and push their music. The artist get access to some of the best music producers and videographers to create some really graphic videos because the label help fund it. Labels also will buy their own artist’s music to boost the appearance of sales and pay for an artist song to be played on radio and in clubs. This has a lot to do with the success of an song and an artist..if you really want to call that success. To be an independent artist and still able to sale in many other avenues because we live in this digital world now as well, is really good. You guys don’t get that even if Kim isn’t at the top of billboard charts that she can still make hundred thousands to millions on her music from the back end that you guys don’t really see. Much like how a writer can make a killing and end up being a millionare and you would never know. There are other credits you can get as well other than just being the singer on a track. Facts, every artists have a peek when they are everywhere and the media push them hard, then as they get older and music change, the media don’t push them as hard and it all about the younger ones coming up. This happens with all the icons and legendary ppl from 80s and 90s. So it don’t matter, Kim is still respected and obviously has no problem booking shows and making money. 9 is a hot album and she sounds really good on of the best hip hop albums this year. I like how she don’t stop and give us the music. If ppl would stop with this whole competition thing and enjoy music for the culture than we can appreciate everybody. If Nicki is clowning..her time is coming sooner than she thinks. We already saw her cringed and curled into a weak victim when Cardi outshoned her and almost whooped her a**. I really feel sorry for Nicki because she act like something is wrong with her mentally and not in a good way. She is very immature and all that made up appearance doesn’t hide her insecurities. You see Kim in interviews and you can tell she is laid back humble and sweet and just happy about doing what she does and all we see is Nicki acting like she has a chip on her shoulder all the time. She is negative and encourage negativity from the ppl who follow her and its actually not amusing nor encouraging but sad. Nobody can take away what Kim has done and what she continue to do. I grew up in the 90s listening to all the rappers and singers who are icons and legendary today because of what they did and how artist today piggy back off of what they started for them. Clowning your idol or idols is whack. Go get’s a good album and it is moments on there that brings back that 90s feel. I felt 90s Kim and one song on there where she is just being a lyricist that reminds you of the era of Lauryn Hill.

  6. Lil kim album didn’t hit number 1 but let’s be real here . The mainstream media , silly blogs , and a few publications ran a hit job on that woman and tried to destroy her image. Lilkim doesn’t have a major and hasn’t had one in decades period. She is an hip hop icon , pop icon , black music icon who’s been bless with 25 plus years in the music industry. Lil kim is an original and never had to copy anyone or tear anyone down for her success. Nicki Minaj can laugh but Kim’s new album is better than Queen , Kim will outrap her still to this day and I’m sure Nicki will steal whatever sound Kim came up with and pass it as her own.  Lil kim is a hip hop icon and the reason why it’s so many colorful wig wearing rappers out today . Pay homage instead of trying to tear down a legendary black artist