Jennifer Lopez Lights Up The Dance Floor On “Baila Conmigo”

JLo surprise-released a new tune!

Jennifer Lopez won’t let us breathe. Following the success of her recent film, Hustlers, is a Spanish-language club banger titled “Baila Conmigo” (which translates to β€œDance With Me”).

As you’d expect, it’s a bop crafted to get people off their feet and live their best life. It could also soundtrack part of her forthcoming performance at the Super Bowl perfectly.


Lopez recently revealed she’s working in a new album. No word whether “Baila Conmigo” will make the final cut, but it’s a welcome return either way.

Listen below, then leave a comment (register a free account here):

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        1. I do like the original one… it became a chart topper
          Down here… i just dont like how she just came in and used the same success base song and added a terrible chorus and destroyed it. πŸ™