Nailed It! Watch Christina Aguilera Perform “Haunted Heart” Live For The First Time

Xtina spookifies The Xperience.

Christina Aguilera performed her latest release, “Haunted Heart,” for the first time at her Las Vegas residency. The performance was part of the 31 Nights of Halloween Fan Fest.

The song, which lands on The Addams Family soundtrack, is reminiscent of Legend X’s Back To Basics era. It incorporates clunky live-instrumentation and Christina’s signature soaring vocals, including a few sky high falsettos and ferocious growls. 

“Ain’t no windows / Ain’t no doors,” she sings over haunting background vocals and a whirling siren. “No escaping the way you feel.”

It sounds even better live!

Check out the new performance below, then leave a comment (register a free account here)!

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  1. This is a good example of what I feel about Xtina… I don’t “get” her most of the times, like with this song, but it would be unfair to say she doesn’t nail it. She throws all her singing experience in this. I’m not a singing expert but there are definitely many changes in her voice throughout the song, like little screams and low registers… Props to her!